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The Measure of Success

As I proselytize the gospel of learner-centered education, I have come across the same concern over and over. I shouldn’t be too surprised, it would be a concern of mine, if I were still thinking from a traditional paradigm. The question is, “After democratic school (or unschooling), what do kids do? How many of them […]

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Nesting Season

A couple of years ago, our family discovered ┬álive feed of a nesting barn owl. The sitting, hatching and raising of the little owlets was followed closely by about 6000 viewers, among them our 14 month old son. This year, there are a lot of nesting cams to choose from. I love these cameras for […]

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It’s all about Respect

Trying to distill unschooling or free schooling into one coherent thought can be challenging. We can go on and on about the benefits of child-led education – how it allows them to learn to learn, how children are natural learners and we just need to nurture that. We could talk about the huge problems with […]

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School Informational Meeting

I’m holding the next school informational meeting on April 19th at 7pm at the El Toro Library. Go to the Events page to find out more.

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A New Venture

I am sorry that I have neglected this blog for so long. But, you should know that I have not neglected my passion for learner-centered education. First, an update. My son is now almost three, and the prospect of him becoming “school age” is looming. I have been very vocal about my intention to homeschool/unschool […]

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