Dropping off the face of the earth

Yes, I have dropped off. In other words, we’ve bought a house. And now my life is completely revolving around said house – decorating, kitchen renovations, moving, setting up a play area, cleaning carpets – and on and on. Not that I’m just logging on to give excuses, but that’s my excuse.

I’ve still been reading and thinking about unschooling, just haven’t had the time or cognitive energy to formulate those thoughts into a cohesive post. I hope to come up for air in a few weeks, after everything has settled down. I can write from my new office, sitting at my new desk (or the one that has been in storage), and ruminate on the mysteries of our schooled society. Until then, though, you might not want to expect too much of me.  Just know that I’m still here and still planning to get back into regular posting and tweeting in the somewhat near future.

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