Nesting Season

A couple of years ago, our family discovered  live feed of a nesting barn owl. The sitting, hatching and raising of the little owlets was followed closely by about 6000 viewers, among them our 14 month old son. This year, there are a lot of nesting cams to choose from. I love these cameras for many reasons:

  • We are watching animals in their natural habitats – no zoos (which make me feel uneasy) required
  • The cameras are completely non-intrusive  for the birds
  • My kids can see birds, eggs, nests, and hatchlings up close. And, they see the parent birds bring food, take turns nesting, and even leaving the eggs alone for hours. Questions always ensue.
So, if you’re interested in watching nesting cams in your house, here are the ones we’ve found so far:

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