What kinds of adults do we want to create?

I am planning a new blog-post series addressing the end result of all of our hard work: What characteristics do we want to see in our kids once they reach adulthood? What is the endgame?

So, I would like your help. What is your answer to this question? What type of people do you want to see in future? What traits are you hoping for in your own children once they become full-fledged adults? Please post in the comments section. Perhaps your suggestions will fuel a blog post.

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11 Comments on "What kinds of adults do we want to create?"

  1. greenbarefeet
    10/07/2012 at 2:44 pm Permalink

    Hi Cassi,
    Nice idea. I’d like to see people who can think outside the box, improvise, be creative, inquisitive and just be who they are with confidence…
    Looking back at that sentence makes me think that I basically want my (young) children to remain what they naturally already are!! lol!
    But probably just add some compassion and mindfulness to that recipe..
    I hope that helps. 🙂
    Regards, francine

  2. Nadia
    11/07/2012 at 11:29 am Permalink

    Hi Cassi,

    I have recently been introduced to unschooling, and the idea of allowing children to guide their own educational journeys. I find this all to be very interesting, and was wondering if I could possibly interview you regarding your beliefs and experiences with unschooling for a school project I am doing. I would greatly appreciate it and would love to gain some insight!

    Nadia R. M

  3. Cassi
    11/07/2012 at 1:59 pm Permalink


    I’ll email you about this.


  4. Laurie A. Couture
    12/07/2012 at 6:58 am Permalink

    What I want for my son is for him to be joyful and to fulfill his passions. Unschooling has allowed my son to live this way. My son’s happiness and him living authentically on the path of his own creativity, passions and interests is what life is about. He just had his unschool graduation ceremony and his plan is to continue moving forward with his music career and to continue his artistic pursuits.

  5. Lainie Liberti
    12/07/2012 at 10:00 am Permalink

    My son and I are unschooling because I want to raise an empowered resourceful, out of the box thinking individual who’s global-minded. I can only imagine a future filled with these people. 😉

  6. Nicole Olson
    12/07/2012 at 11:44 pm Permalink

    Dear Cassi,

    I just wanted to thank you for the recent referral. I’m looking forward to being interviewed!

    I’ve just discovered your site and am truly enjoying it! I’m intrigued by your vision for an open school. My nine year old son talks about starting something similar!

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you better via this blog!

    All the best,


  7. Clatie
    18/07/2012 at 6:28 pm Permalink

    The type of adults I hope my children will become are resourceful, relational, and reliable. Resourceful in that they will create solutions, relational in that they will be loving, compassionate members of humanity, and reliable in that they will be dependable when it comes to time, environment, relationships, health, and so on.

  8. Sara
    22/07/2012 at 12:49 pm Permalink

    I want to raise adults who think for themselves, who take responsibility for their decisions and actions, who have empathy and compassion, who make their own decisions, and most of all, who are happy.

  9. Monika
    02/09/2012 at 11:51 pm Permalink

    This is on my mind, too. I would like to see my daughters as independent thinkers, confident, compassionate women who stand their ground. I would love them to be empowered, open-minded and passionate about what they believe in and love. True to themselves.

  10. Rhea
    14/01/2013 at 8:45 am Permalink

    I see my son now and years later thriving on this planet in harmony with it and all creatures. Knowing himself and able to be true to the being he is, following things that strike that bliss within him, that he will forever know that he has so much to offer here. As he is able to ask and graciously receive. To have compassion and understanding towards all living beings. That if he wants to do a certain thing there is knowledge and information at his fingertips and everywhere, the possibilities are endless.


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