The Open School

In 2004, Cassi learned about Summerhill School – one of the first free schools in the world. She read A.S. Neill and wrote an essay about the school for her Philosophy of Education class during her Masters of Education coursework. There, a fire was lit. In 2006, the C family (then just made up of husband and wife) were blessed enough to move to London while Cassi pursued a second masters degree (I know, ridiculous). During that time, they made it a priority to visit Summerhill School. That visit was life-changing and life-directing for Cassi. She realized that she wanted to be a part of something like this school. This became a life goal.

Actually, it was from that experience that the C family headed toward unschooling. And by the time little W was born in 2009, that decision was sealed. But Cassi still held onto the desire to found a school based on the principles of child-led learning. She just thought that, being a mother of not just one, but two, young children, she would have to put her dreams on hold.

Recently, Mr. C has encouraged Cassi to go for those dreams now. Why wait? Kids can be an integral part of the process, and it is something Cassi is passionate about. And, so, The Open School founding group begun. At this point, it’s still in the beginning stages. If you are interested in learning more, the official websitehas oodles of information. The school will be located in Orange County, California. If you or anyone you know lives in the area, please consider attending an upcoming meeting (check the website for details).

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