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A Math Story

Before I launch into my next post series, I wanted to share a quick story. I was at the park the other day with a friend who is not an unschooler. But her youngest son is 4, so for all intents and purposes, he’s unschooled (by happy chance of his age). He came over to […]

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What kinds of adults do we want to create?

I am planning a new blog-post series addressing the end result of all of our hard work: What characteristics do we want to see in our kids once they reach adulthood? What is the endgame? So, I would like your help. What is your answer to this question? What type of people do you want […]

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Consequences or Punishment?

I have recently engaged in a Facebook conversation about punishment and consequences. I personally prefer to eschew the use of either word because, generally, the second is just a euphemism for the first. If we call it a “consequence” we don’t feel as bad as if we call it by it’s real name. What’s curious […]

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