Happy Easter!

I always think that holidays are excellent catalysts for unschoolers. The entire society is celebrating something, and kids are often curious about why. And, as a testament to our schooled society, many of us don’t know the answers to their questions.

This Easter, as you’re going about your holiday business, make sure to asking what it’s all about. And, then make an effort to find out. Here are some questions you might or might not know the answers to (and that your kids might want to learn about).

Why do we dye eggs?
Where did the tradition of the Easter bunny come from?
Why do secular people celebrate a Christian holiday?
What do Palm Sunday and Good Friday signify?
How do we come up with the date for Easter each year, and why does it change?
How does Easter relate to Passover? What is a Seder feast?  (I know this one little tidbit: the reason we know the time of year to celebrate Easter is because the last supper was a seder feast celebrating the Passover.)

And don’t forget to do something Easter-y this year: have brunch, make a big dinner, dye eggs, have an Easter egg hunt, make hot cross buns, or read the Biblical account of Easter.

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