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As I’ve mentioned before, I belong to an unschooling Yahoo group, and am often impressed and inspired by the other members. Recently, one of these wonderful members replied with some details about what her unschooled children do during the day. I asked her permission to post it here because I love to read about this, and many who are researching unschooling always wonder what a free child would actually do with their time. So, without further ado, here are Michelle’s notes:

This is how today looks: My kids have various projects they are working on – my eldest plays the piano, reads, uses the internet, helps plan and prepare meals, she wanted to learn algebra so worked at her own pace through math-u-see workbooks and video (she completed the entire course in a couple weeks..), she read-up on Greek mythology and created a report, she researched global warming creating charts and a report, she created a health/wellness pamphlet for teens, she wants to try out dissection – we have the kit for her to try, she went to many theatrical performances – and much much more… my youngest made a mobile of the human body detailing the organs, she did various scientific experiments (some were even edible), she created a 10 pound chocolate sculpture – with story and CSI-like investigation regarding who dug into and ate it, she reads, we visit museums, she loves to swim and bike, we often go to various natural places for her to explore, she is learning how to rock climb and repel, and much much more… They have friends and still watch a good deal of TV and play on the Wii too 🙂 Every day looks different – but looking back I can see general patterns and vast amounts of learning.

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