Can I do this?

One thing has bugged me a bit since starting this little blog and that is, “Am I qualified to write this blog?” I really wanted to explore the topic of unschooling in particular, mostly because we’re pretty sure that we want to take our kids in that direction and I need to learn as much as I can.  For me, the best and most thorough way for me to do this is to write about it. But then I started doubting myself. I wondered if I would be able to offer anything to the discussion about unschooling if I do not currently participate. I love reading blogs written by unschooling parents because they present wonderful anecdotes about their children’s education and interesting stories showing the success and failures of such a system (or un-system, as the case may be).

But, aren’t I already unschooling? I mean, isn’t that how parents “teach” their children before they enter formalized education? I don’t have a curriculum, but my six-month old son is learning. I watch what he’s interested in and I encourage it and offer him more.  It makes me think that unschooling may be incredibly intuitive and natural, and will come easily as my kids transition from “pre-school” to “school” age (quotation marks used because those terms are misnomers in the case of unschoolers).  

So, I feel better now about blogging on this topic. No, I may not have a child over 5 who I am officially home schooling (according to the state), but I certainly have a child who I am unschooling.  And, man am I excited to watch him learn without the interference of state standards and curriculum.

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One Comment on "Can I do this?"

  1. Idzie
    20/10/2009 at 11:06 am Permalink

    Yes, I think everyone has something to add to the conversation. As a longtime now pretty much grown unschooler, I just love hearing about families with young children following the unschooling path! 🙂


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